Red Room Mix

I own Red Room in Seattle. It was a recording studio, but is now just my personal mix room. For local production work I have gone back to recording at the amazing studios around Seattle. Click here for information on the mix space.


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Want me to produce or mix your next record?
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When hired to produce I work with the artist on improving the song. That can include rearranging, part tweaking, sonic embellishments, tempo decisions, performance quality control, etc.


I mix 99% of the records I produce. I also frequently mix records I didn't produce so don’t hesitate to ask about that. I often work with clients that can’t attend with great results. Please feel free to contact me and ask how that works.


I engineer all of the records I produce. Every once in a while I get hired to engineer for a producer or do a location recording of a live performance (Mono – Holy Ground NYC for example).