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  • What role do you take on as producer?
  • As a producer my job is to make the best possible song, or record, for you. That means working with the artist on whatever is needed. From rearranging the song as needed, working on individual parts for each musician, suggesting additional instrumentation and getting the right people to perform it, setting the sonic tone for the record, etc. Many producers these days are “songwriting” producers. Meaning they will either write or rewrite your entire song. That isn’t my style of producing. I want to take your music and make it better. I play guitar and keyboard and am happy to help fine tune parts, suggest new ones, but I don’t aspire to be David Foster.

  • You own Red Room Recording, but do you work at other studios?
  • Yes. I have relationships with most of the studios in Seattle and love working at other spaces as well. Studio Litho is a favorite. When budget permits, I am happy to go to other studios for drum tracking and come back to Red Room for overdubs and mixing. That being said, Red Room is a fantastic sounding space for drums and has a ton of gear that I hand selected. Most importantly it is a comfortable spot for either cutting tracks, overdubbing or mixing your record.

  • I want you to produce a record for me but I can’t make it to Seattle?
  • I have travelled around the US and the world to make records. Of course, budget is the deciding factor, but I love working in new environments.

  • I can’t afford you as a producer, but I want to have you mix. Is that doable?
  • Absolutely. I get hired to mix projects I didn’t produce all the time.

  • What role do you take on as a mixer?
  • I do whatever is necessary to make the mix slam. In my experience tuning vocals, performance decisions are often best left for the producer, but I am open to doing anything the artist asks to make them happy with the mix. That includes tuning, sound replacement, performance refinements, etc.

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