Featured Projects

This is what I am currently working on
(If I can talk about it)

Recently Completed/In Progress Projects

  • Minus the Bear - Mixed live album Farewell
  • Screaming Females - Prod, eng and mix Desire Pathway LP
  • Sandrider - Prod, eng and mix Enveletration LP
  • Johnny Nails - Co-prod, eng and mix Savor the Blood LP
  • Witchripper - Prod, eng and mix Rusty Cage cover
  • Botch - Mixed new song 122
  • Mason Jennings - Mixed Real Heart LP
  • Elvis Batchild - Mixed live EP
  • Nuclear Dudes - Mixed two albums
  • Pelican - Mixed Nighttime Stories LP
  • Sumac/Haino - Mixed live album
  • Diesel Boy - Prod, eng and mix Gets Old LP
  • Hiroe - Mixed Wrought EP
  • 1000 Mods - Prod, eng and mixed Youth of Dissent
  • Jupe Jupe - Mixed Midnight Waits for No One
  • Pink Boa - Mixed Bang Bang LP
  • Lina Naf - Mixed songs for upcoming LP
  • Of the Heavy Sun - Mixed Cosmic Television LP
  • Long Dark Moon - Mixed Mythologies LP
  • Blightmaker - Mixed ST EP
  • Deathcave - Prod, eng and mix II ep
  • Dark Meditation - Prod, eng and mix Polluted Temples LP
  • Calm Collapse - Prod, eng and mix Mirrored Nature LP
  • Holy Fawn - Prod, eng and mixed The Black Moon EP
  • Nox Novacula - Prod, eng and mix Ascension lp
  • Bask - Prod and mixed III LP
  • Dens - Mixed Tamed Tongues
  • Sumac - Eng part of May You Be Held LP
  • Aaron Turner - Eng and mixed Repression’s Blossom LP
  • Mamiffer- Engineer on The Brilliant Tabernacle
  • Misery Signals - Production and drum recording for Ultraviolet LP
  • Gloe - Mixed Dead Wait LP
  • A Storm of Light - Mixed Anthroscene LP
  • Old Man Gloom - Eng on part of Seminar IX: Darkness of Being LP

Take a Listen

Rose Mountain by Screaming Females
Scale by Dust Moth
Dealer by Foxing
Dust And Disquiet by Caspian
Let's Get Beautiful by Gibraltar